Volta Collaborative is a think and do tank whose work addresses areas of both domestic and international social concern. We address global concerns at a local level, recognizing that those economic and ecological challenges are rooted in social realities that require holistic, abductive reasoning.

Our past work delved into the world of alternative energies, exploring strategies to move communities towards a resolve of energy independence. However, currently, Volta is joining multidisciplinary teams of designers, researchers and educators who are teaching the methods and processes for generating on-demand creativity and sparks of insight that drive disruptive innovation.

R Wade Campbell

Lead Strategist

Jill Yoe Graves

Experience Design & UX


Product Designer, Adviser


Design Management


Designer and Mentor

Participatory Design

Our organization's aim is to foster the conditions for creativity and innovation, enabling the stakeholders within a community to see their assets, resources and opportunity spaces. We build awareness by assessing capacities within communities, visualizing these capacities and transforming them into conversations.

We facilitate systemic transformation by enabling our clients to create their own solutions. We believe in participatory Design processes. By understanding and synthesizing community complexities we forge actionable innovations for enduring economic, ecological, and social capital.

Design with Meaning. Build with Us.

Our Practice


We look at the big picture and use a multi-lens approach to solve wicked problems*.


We ensure that the design solution is a living process that adapts to new contexts and future needs.


We facilitate new social and collaborative networks to develop strategic solutions.


We enable stakeholders to understand how the development of design solutions will be achieved.

*Wicked Problems – simply defined here by Brad Mehlenbacher as,“problems with ill-defined parameters and outcomes governed by uncertainty and constant change have been defined as ‘wick-ed’”.